Solar & Battery

Residential Services

With energy prices on the rise, it just makes sense to consider installing solar panels at your home. At Energy Benefits, we really take the time to understand how you use energy, your roof layout, the condition of your switchboard, and where your inverter will be Installed. Our experienced team then designs a system that fits your needs perfectly and handles the installation smoothly and professionally.

Solar Panels on a residential roof
Energy Benefits Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Services

At Energy Benefits, we've completed numerous solar installations with impressive outcomes, especially in commercial settings. Our team brings extensive experience in both design and installation to the table, which has been essential to our success. What sets us apart is our careful approach to understanding our customers' needs before recommending solutions. This commitment ensures that our offerings perfectly match their energy requirements, building trust and satisfaction along the way.


Solar batteries offer a bunch of perks for both homes and businesses. They let you store extra solar energy so you can use it when the sun’s not shining or during power outages, cutting down your reliance on the grid and potentially saving you some cash on electricity bills.

Putting in a battery isn’t just about connecting wires. It involves understanding your current solar system (if you have one) and how you use energy. We then check out the batteries available and find one that matches your setup in terms of size, how fast it charges and discharges, and other factors. We also work with you to figure out which appliances you need to keep running during power outages, so we can make sure the battery meets those needs.